Easy-To-Use Irrigation Products

At NorthTech Irrigation, our certified technicians are qualified and factory-trained to install a variety of high-quality irrigation product lines.

Sprays in Flowerbed_2Irrigation Video Tutorials

With NorthTech Irrigation, you won’t just get a great new irrigation system. You’ll also be empowered with easy-to-implement instructions for operation and troubleshooting. Here are a few helpful videos to help you get started!

Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Controller – includes videos on how to change times, remove the NEW SOD PROGRAM, AND TURN ON/OFF THE RAIN SENSOR BYPASS (ESP-TM2 Basic Programming video).

Rain Bird Rain Sensor:

Rain Bird ESP-Me Controller

Rain Bird ESP-RZX Controller 

Rain Bird Rotor Adjustments (Radius)

Rain Bird Arc Adjustment 

Rain Bird Rotary Spray Nozzle (R-VAN) Adjustment

Hunter Rain Sensor:

Hunter Pro-C Controller 

Hunter X-CORE Controller 

Hunter X2

Hunter PGP Rotor Adjustment 

Hunter Spray Adjustment 

NorthTech Irrigation Tips for Sprinkler Startup, Midseason and Winterization

The best way to keep your irrigation system operating at an optimum level is to maintain it throughout the seasons. Here are a few tips to help make the transitions easy!

Irrigation Start-Up Tips

To start the spring season right, it’s important to start your irrigation system right too. Here is a simple procedure for getting up-and-running:

  1. Shut the handles off at the backflow (crossways/perpendicular with the pipe).
  2. Put in the plug (should be duct taped to the copper) or turn the faucet off where the copper comes out of the house for the backflow.
  3. With a screwdriver close the bleeder valves located on the backflow.
  4. Turn the water on in the basement.
  5. Slowly open handles on the backflow (this process should take about 1 min.)
  6. Water will come out the top of the backflow for the first 30-45 seconds, which is normal.
  7. Make sure the controller is plugged in. Manually run through all zones to check heads and ensure that valves are functioning properly.

If you still need assistance, our technicians are here to help. Please contact us to schedule a service call.


* If the system doesn’t turn on… check the rain sensor (override it).

* If a head doesn’t pop up… try tapping on it with a hammer or your foot to loosen up any dirt.

* If a zone sticks on… make sure the solenoid/bleeder on the valve (located in the green valve box) is closed up tightly.

Mid-summer Tips

During the summer – especially here in Minnesota – the weather can be unpredictable. Remember to adjust watering times for the current weather conditions!

Winteriziation Tips

Once your irrigation system has been winterized, there are a few things to double-check before the first frost. Make sure:

  1. Backflow handles are halfway open.
  2. The plug has been removed and either taped to pipe or placed on top of the clock/controller
  3. Bleeder valves are halfway open and have been tagged.

* If the system has not yet been winterized for the season and temps go below freezing, wrap the backflow with a blanket.

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